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Hector J Laredo

Owner & Master Electrician


Our Philosophy

Focused attention is the key to excellence

The Client is the Priority

Becoming involved in your project –whether it be the installation of a small light fixture or a complete air conditioning system– is an honor we do not take for granted. We make it a point that the customer, not the corporate supplier or vendor, be the priority. This is quite easy to do for an independently owned business as it is always the satisfaction of our customers by which we remain in business. You can always trust in receiving the best information and guidance that will bring you the best results in the most economical manner.

Looking at the Long Run

We know that your home or business is an investment, and we keep that in mind when executing any assigned task. By looking at the big picture, our technicians are skilled at avoiding problems and inconveniences caused by interference between multiple fields of work. Over the years, we have encountered many problems in both air conditioning and electrical systems in Houston homes and businesses. Most of the time, these problems are caused by the work of unlicensed and inexperienced workers. It's important to remember that what you save now from contracting cheap labor may end up multiplying in cost at the time of evaluating or selling your home or business. Part of our confidence comes from our returning customers who value these considerations and find our service unmatched.

Technology and the Future

We encourage our customers to prepare for what the future in energy technology has to bring. By considering both your personal future goals and the technological prospects of the energy industry, services are performed at a strategic level to save you money and time. Most of the time, this includes making modifications to an installation or repair with little to no extra cost. We are also ready to provide you with options that include the latest and most efficient products available for long term savings. It is our goal to keep your home or business as flexible as possible for an upcoming era of greater efficiency and renewable energy.

Economic Flexibility

We understand that our customers are not always in the position to make a major investment. We also understand that in Houston having a fully functioning home is not a luxury, but a necessity. This is why we offer our clients options that best suit their situation and needs. Earning the trust and confidence of our clients has always driven business at H. J. Laredo Co., Inc., and we are determined to preserve these relationships through thick and thin.

Remaining Competitive

For most of its existence, the changes made in the air conditioning and electrical industries have been largely insignificant. In recent years, however, the rising cost of energy has prompted energy-related businesses to search for new alternatives. Examples of this include electronic lighting and the use of computerized systems in air conditioning units. The result is that technicians need to be in constant training to work with the latest in equipment and products to remain competitive in a changing market. At H. J. Laredo Co. Inc., following the minimum requirement mandated by the state has never been enough. We seek the latest training available to contractors and technicians to provide our customers with the most options and best service possible.

Our Philosophy
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